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Wooden netsuke by Hōjitsu


Length: 5.000 cm

Bequeathed by Miss Helen Epstein

Asia JA 1953.12-17.11

    Wooden netsuke by Hōjitsu

    From Japan
    Edo period, 19th century AD

    Beetles on a sandal

    Netsuke subjects are often taken from the natural world. This piece was carved by Hōjitsu (died 1872), a vassal of the Tokugawa shogunate who also enjoyed the patronage of the daimyō of Tsugaru.

    Hōjitsu was a very skilled artist in ivory and boxwood and was recognized as the best carver in Tokyo (Edo) in his day. He is best-known for his graceful and elegant figures influenced by the artist Hanabusa Itchō (1652-1724).


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