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Terracotta figurine


Height: 5.250 inches

Asia OA 1951.12-10.2

Room 33: Asia

    Terracotta figurine

    Sar Dheri, Mardan, North West Frontier Province, Pakistan
    3rd - late 2nd century BC

    This female figurine, made of fine clay, has a prominent pinched nose and appliqué eyes. It forms part of a distinctive group of figures with these characteristics from the North West Frontier region of Pakistan known as the 'Baroque ladies'.

    Produced in large numbers during the third century BC, they are predominantly confined to the west of the Indus River, although some have been found at Taxila, a site eighty kilometres to the east of the river. Many figurines of this type were found at the site of Sar Dheri, hence they are often referred to as figurines of a 'Sar Dheri style'. By the second half of the second century BC the figurines were no longer produced.

    Other characteristic features of this 'Baroque lady' are the small appliqué breasts, the stumped arms and the tapering legs separated by an incised line. She is adorned with jewellery and a headdress containing rosettes.


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