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Temmoku type teabowl


Diameter: 11.900 cm

The Schmidtt-Meade Gift

Asia JA 1992.5-25.80

    Temmoku type teabowl

    From Japan
    Edo period, 18th-19th century AD

    This bluish-green glazed variant of the Temmoku style imitates the 'hare's fur' type of Chinese wares of the Song dynasty (960-1279) and Yuan dynasty (1279-1368), with its vertical fur-like lines within the glaze. Temmoku wares were orignally brown and black iron glazed pieces said to have been brought from the place of manufacture at the Tianmu (Temmoku) Zen Buddhist temple at Zhejiang (Koshu) in China.

    This bowl was fired upside-down resting on the rim. The metal edging was added because the glaze had not sufficiently adhered to the thin mouth of the bowl.


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