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Tachi (long sword) blade


Length: 68.500 cm

Asia JA 1984.7-23.1

    Tachi (long sword) blade

    From Bizen Province, Japan
    Kamakura period, 13th century AD

    A number of characteristics indicate that this sword was made in Bizen Province in the early Kamakura period: the clove-form hamon (crystalline pattern of the blade edge); the deep curve towards the hilt; the elegant point; and the white wavy utsuri shadow along the blade.

    The blade is signed Kageyasu, a name which occurs both in the Osafune and Ichimonji schools of Bizen Province, but the type of blade and style of signature indicate early period work of the Ko-bizen or 'old Bizen' school (late twelfth and early thirteenth century).

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    , Hakubutsukan shozō Nihon-Ch (Tokyo National Museum, 1987)


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