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Tachi (long sword) blade


Length: 69.300 cm

Asia JA 1979.7-3.1

    Tachi (long sword) blade

    From Bizen Province, Japan
    Muromachi period, around AD 1400

    This blade is signed 'Bishi Osafune Moro (Kage)' ('Morokage from Osafune in Bizen Province'). He was one of the group of swordsmiths, including Chikakage and Morikage, who are thought to have moved from ōmiya in Kyoto to Osafune in the fourteenth century. This tachi blade is of the typical long and slender Osafune shape of the ōei era (1394-1428). It has a mixed hamon (the crystalline structure of the blade edge) of clove pattern and gunome (abrupt undulation).

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    , Hakubutsukan shozō Nihon-Ch (Tokyo National Museum, 1987)


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