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Sword travelling-case with grapevine design


Length: 112.500 cm

Asia JA 1902.193

Rooms 92-94: Japan

    Sword travelling-case with grapevine design

    From Japan
    Momoyama period, late 16th or early 17th century AD

    Daimyō, provincial governors, and other high-ranking samurai carried swords mounted either as katana or tachi types. However, they were not able to wear these long swords when travelling in a palanquin (covered litter), when their swords accompanied them in cases carried by attendants.

    This sword case is made of lacquered wood with gold makie and shell inlay with an all-over design of a grapevine. The outer leather case has the mon (family crest) of the owner in gold leaf.

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    On display: Rooms 92-94: Japan

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