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Sue ware coffin


Length: 145.000 cm

Asia JA F2212

Rooms 92-94: Japan

    Sue ware coffin

    From Japan
    Kofun period, 3rd-7th century AD

    High-fired pottery

    Sue pottery was a type of ware made in the Kofun ('Old Tomb') period, from fine grey clay fired at a high temperature. It was used for funerary goods. Sue ware bears a strong resemblance to contemporary Korean pottery.

    This large coffin is an impressive example of the technical capabilities of Sue pottery. It stands on eighteen short cylindrical feet. At each end is a circular hole which was once fitted with a stopper, and six small holes have been pierced on each side.

    L. Smith, V. Harris and T. Clark, Japanese art: masterpieces in (London, The British Museum Press, 1990)


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    On display: Rooms 92-94: Japan

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