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Stamped punchong ware bowl


Height: 7.000 cm
Diameter: 18.000 cm

Gift of Dr A.G. Poulsen-Hansen

Asia OA 1992.6-15.11

Room 67: Korea

    Stamped punchong ware bowl

    From Korea
    Choson dynasty, 15th-16th century AD

    Punchong means 'powder green', referring to the greyish-green colour. The stamped decoration, filled with slip, derived from the inlaind decoration of early celadons of the Koryo dynasty (AD 918-1392)

    Punchong ware was very popular in Japan and humble rice bowls like this were treasured and often used in the Tea Ceremony.

    J. Portal, Korea - art and archaeology (London, The British Museum Press, 2000)


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    On display: Room 67: Korea

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