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Length: 38.500 cm (seat)
Height: 27.000 cm (front)
Height: 27.000 cm (front)

Gift of Sir H.M. Garner

Asia JA 1974.5-13.3

Rooms 92-94: Japan


    From Japan
    Edo period, equivalent to AD 1659

    This is an outstanding example from the mid-seventeenth century revival of lacquer styles of the Kamakura and Muromachi periods (that is, 1185-1568). The whole saddle is decorated with lacquer and inlay designs. The outer sides are decorated in takamakie and tortoiseshell inlay with dragons among clouds. The seat is chequered with mother-of-pearl and the inner sides have fine mother-of-pearl inlay in linked circles.

    The date is given in an ink inscription on the base.

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