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Portable lacquered wood shrine


Height: 11.000 cm

Bequeathed by Oscar Raphael

Asia JA 1945.10-17.530

    Portable lacquered wood shrine

    From Japan, early 20th century AD

    Made by Kōseki

    The shrine shows the Buddha Amida (Sanskrit: Amitabha) flanked by the attendant bodhisattvas Kannon (Avalokiteshvara) and Seishi (Mahasthamaprapta). Kannon holds a lotus with three jewels, and Seishi is in an attitude of adoration. Some small shrines were carried on pilgrimages, and pieces like this might be placed on household altars.

    The shrine was made by Kōseki, the most skilful wood carver of the period, who based the design on a Chinese original of the Tang dynasty (AD 618-906). The shrine is also signed by a lacquerer called Kōmatsu.


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