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Porcelain cup stand


Height: 5.000 cm
Diameter: 12.700 cm

Asia OA 1911.6-7.16

Room 67: Korea

    Porcelain cup stand

    From Korea
    Koryo dynasty, 12th century AD

    Relatively little attention has been paid to the white porcelain made during the Koryo dynasty (918-1392), which is more famous for its celadons. White porcelain was probably used, like the celadons, by the aristocracy and at the royal court. While they were once thought to have been imported from China, recent excavations have revealed that white porcelain was actually made in the same kilns as celadon, but in smaller numbers. Indeed, they are similar in shape and design. Moulding, incising, carving and even sanggam inlay decoration all be seen.

    This cup stand has a characteristic creamy-white colour. It seems that the potters, influenced by Chinese Ding ware, were trying to produce pure white porcelain. Similar Chinese forms can be found but the Korean designs are more simplified.

    J. Portal, Korea - art and archaeology (London, The British Museum Press, 2000)


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    On display: Room 67: Korea

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