Landscape painting, Tang Yin
(1470–1523), handscroll, ink on paper

Ming dynasty (1368 – 1644)

This handscroll bears the title ‘Thatched Cottage in the Western Mountains’ and shows a mountaineous river landscape in mist.

In the foreground, a scholar sits in his rustic cottage and enjoys the contemplative life in the countryside. When unrolling the handscroll further the landscape continues and opens up to the left into a stretch of water. The painting is inscribed by Tang Yin himself and by the Qianlong emperor who once owned it and inscribed it in 1751. Following the landscape are eleven texts by later collectors and admirers who comment on the painting or the artist.

Tang Yin was one of the leading Ming dynasty painters. Due to a scandal in which he was accused of bribery, he failed to become an official at court and had to earn his living by painting. Having been born and active in the Jiangnan area (Southern China), he became close friend with other famous calligraphers and painters such as Wen Zhengming and Zhu Yunming.

Imperial China


Imperial Chinese history is marked by the rise and fall of many dynasties.

Imperial China world culture

Ming dynasty

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