Lacquer inrō

From Japan
Late 18th - early 19th century AD

Gold takamakie and mother-of-pearl inlay on a gold hiramakie ground

This gold hiramakie inrō has an eye-catching design of a displaying peacock in low takamakie relief. Each ‘eye' of the bird's outspread tail is inlaid with mother-of-pearl. The reverse shows a river scene.

The inrō is signed 'Hasegawa Shigeyoshi' and inscribed 'Hōgen Sukekiyo hitsu' ('The brush of Hōgen Sukekiyo').

The ojime (bead clasp) and netsuke toggle attached to the inrō are a matching carved ivory set.

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L. Smith, V. Harris and T. Clark, Japanese art: masterpieces in (London, The British Museum Press, 1990)


Length: 7.800 cm

Museum number

Asia JA HG348


Gift of Professor and Mrs John Hull Grundy


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