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Kim Hong-do (after), Album of Scenes from Daily Life

At school

  • Fisherman


  • Horsemen


  • Workmen at a forge

    Workmen at a forge


Height: 310.000 mm
Width: 260.000 mm

Asia OA 1961.5-13.04


    Kim Hong-do (after), Album of Scenes from Daily Life

    From Korea
    Late Choson dynasty, 19th century AD

    The late Choson period (from the seventeenth century AD) was a period of relative prosperity in Korea. The arts thrived, particularly under King Yongjo (1724-76) and King Chongjo (1776-1800), both able rulers who encouraged economic, social and political stability. Chin'gyong, or 'true-view' landscape paintings became fashionable among the scholar-literati class; they depicted real scenes from the Korean landscape, rather than those copied from Chinese paintings. Meanwhile, humorous scenes of daily life became popular among the growing middle class.

    Kim Hong-do was one of the most famous painters of these scenes. This album is one of at least two known copies of Hong-do's famous original, now in the National Museum of Korea. It may have been made in the late nineteenth century as a special present for a dignitary. The painting focuses on people and their activities, with the background barely illustrated. The paintings in the album include schoolroom scenes, wrestling, and other everyday activities.

    J. Portal, Korea - art and archaeology (London, The British Museum Press, 2000)


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