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Ivory netsuke of a mythical beast


Height: 5.300 cm

Gift of Sir A.W. Franks

Asia JA F817

    Ivory netsuke of a mythical beast

    From Japan, 18th century AD

    The skill and imagination of the best of the early netsuke carvers in ivory produced many exquisite and quite unique objects. Nonetheless they still served a useful purpose. We can imagine some serious-minded merchant going about his business with this grotesquely humorous creature - with its long snout and tusks, stumpy body, and snake-like neck and tail - dangling at his belt.

    Netsuke of this type appear in the Sōken Kishō, the earliest authoritative guide to the subject (and also to inrō, purses and sword furniture), published in woodblock-printed book form in Osaka, 1781.

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