Huangdao ware dish

From Henan province, northern China
Tang dynasty 8th - 9th century

Glazed black ware dish with splash

This dish was probably made at Lushan in Henan province. It is made of stoneware and was fired to a high temperature. Eighth- and ninth-century wares from this region are distinguished in many cases by blue or grey and white splashes. These pieces did not merit the attention of connoisseurs, nor do they seem to have been exported. However, they are an integral part of the northern tradition of strong blackwares.

It is interesting to consider these ceramics as the predecessors of Jun wares, which were sometimes decorated by splashing. Jun wares were from the same area in Henan province. They are counted among the 'five great wares' of the Song period (AD 960-1279).

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M. Medley, The Chinese potter: a practica (Phaidon Press Limited, 1989)

S.J. Vainker, Chinese pottery and porcelain, (London, The British Museum Press, 1991)


Diameter: 25.200 cm

Museum number

Asia OA 1967.12-12.2


Gift of Sir Alan and Lady Barlow


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