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Grey schist relief of a seated winged atlas figure


Height: 22.900 cm

Asia OA 1880-182


    Grey schist relief of a seated winged atlas figure

    From Jamalgarhi, Gandhara, Pakistan
    2nd-3rd century AD

    This finely studied relief of a seated, winged atlas figure serves as a reminder of the extent of Hellenistic influence on the north-western parts of the Indian Subcontinent during the first to fourth centuries AD.

    He has a powerful and muscular torso, and long undulating curly hair, the locks resting on his shoulders and merging with his beard.

    The sculpture comes from an architectural context; it would probably have been placed on a beam near a roof, symbolically fulfilling Atlas' mythological role by supporting a structure.

    W. Zwalf, A catalogue of the Gandhara sc, 2 vols. (London, The British Museum Press, 1996)


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