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Folded silk jacket



Height: 93.000 cm
Width: 109.000 cm

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    Folded silk jacket

    Wenxiang village, Guizhou Province, China
    Around AD 1960

    Intricately decorated festival jacket made by Miao (Hmong) people

    This jacket was made by women of the Miao (also known as the Hmong) community in Guizhou Province, China. The Miao are a cross border people who live in Vietnam, Lao and Thailand as well as China.

    The jacket is decorated with paper-thin rectangles of silk that have been carefully folded and stitched into geometric flower-like patterns.

    It has an inner hand-woven layer of cotton indigo and an outer layer of satin. It is possible that the inner layer has been reused and once formed part of another jacket.

    As life in Miao communities is changing rapidly, few women now have the time or skill to produce such intricate and complex work today. However, the Miao continue to be known both in China and in the wider world for their textile production.

    The Miao have a complex history and a rich material culture of which textile production is only one part.

    G, Corrigan, Fabric Folio: Miao Textiles from China (2001) p. 51


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