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Pair of sealskin slippers

  • Employees modelling the furs, Eskimo Pels.

    Employees modelling the furs, Eskimo Pels.

  • Sewing machine at Eskimo Pels

    Sewing machine at Eskimo Pels


Length: 19.000 cm

AOA Ethno 2001,Am14.8ab

Africa, Oceania, Americas

    Pair of sealskin slippers

    Made by Eskimo Pels, Narsaq, South Greenland, AD 2001

    Today, modern store-bought clothing has largely replaced the traditional, home-made skin clothing in Greenland. In recent years however, modern sealskin products have gained in popularity again, and a number of commercial skin sewing workshops are catering to the increasing demand.

    Eskimo Pels, situated in Narsaq, South Greenland, is one of the first and largest of these workshops. Established in 1966, Eskimo Pels is a shareholder business specializing in the sewing of sealskin products. Their collection includes various articles of clothing such as furs, mittens and slippers, as well as a range of smaller items like pencil cases or bags. One or two new products are introduced every year.

    These slippers are among the most popular products of Eskimo Pels. They are made of ringed seal skin, which is bought from Great Greenland, a tannery in Qaqortoq (South Greenland) specializing in sealskin. The material for the calf skin soles and the lining of coyote fur are imported from wholesalers in Denmark and Canada.

    Other Views: Employees of Eskimo Pels modelling furs made at Eskimo Pels. Narsaq, June 2001.
    At Eskimo Pels, almost all sewing is done with sewing machines.


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