Sandals of Sebekhetepi

From the tomb of Sebekhetepi, Beni Hasan, Egypt
Middle Kingdom, 2125-1795 BC

Leather and wooden model sandals of Sebekhetepi

These sandals were placed on the lid of the inner coffin of Sebekhetepi. They were positioned above the feet of the mummy, so that they were available for immediate use in the Afterlife. Headrests were often placed close to the head of the mummy within the inner coffin for the same reason.

Like many of the items in the tomb, the sandals are made of expensive cedarwood. Their straps are made of leather, covered with white plaster. The wooden soles would have been extremely uncomfortable. The flimsy construction of the sandals, and their lack of wear, suggests that they were not intended to be worn in life. Instead they were for the Afterlife, acting magically to ensure that Sebekhetepi could make use of them for eternity.

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Length: 25.000 cm
Length: 25.000 cm

Museum number

EA 41578



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