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Pottery bowl containing dom palm fruits

Pottery bowl

  • Dom palm fruits

    Dom palm fruits


Height: 15.500 cm
Width: 17.500 cm (max.)

Gift of the Egypt Exploration Fund

EA 30942;EA 35939;EA 35952

Ancient Egypt and Sudan

    Pottery bowl containing dom palm fruits

    From Thebes, Egypt
    New Kingdom, around 1500 BC

    A favourite food to take to the Afterlife

    The fruit of the dom palm was among the commonest foods enjoyed by the ancient Egyptians. These examples, in a pottery bowl, were probably placed in a tomb as offerings for the dead. In addition to its role of providing sustenance, the fruit of the dom also seems to have had a further significance as providing water and new life, an additional reason for placing it in the tomb.

    H. Wilson, Egyptian food and drink (Aylesbury, Shire Publications, 1988)


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