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Papyrus of protection and destruction


Height: 18.300 cm

Salt Collection

EA 10051/5

Ancient Egypt and Sudan

    Papyrus of protection and destruction

    From the Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt
    Ptolemaic period, 4th - 3rd centuries BC

    Papyrus from a temple library

    This papyrus might once have been in a temple library, but which was probably found in a tomb. It contains a ritual text called The End of the Works. This seems to have been a ritual performed during certain festivals which included the mummification of Osiris. The text was to be recited by a 'scribe of the House of Life'. It includes spells against the enemies of Osiris, and concludes with placing a copy of the text as an amulet on the neck of a statue of Osiris.

    Ritual texts such as this must have been very common in ancient Egypt, particularly in the later periods.

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