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Papyrus from the Book of the Dead of Ani


Length: 70.000 cm (frame)
Width: 42.200 cm (frame)

Gift of Sir E.A.T. Wallis Budge

EA 10470/35

Ancient Egypt and Sudan

    Papyrus from the Book of the Dead of Ani

    From Thebes, Egypt
    19th Dynasty, around 1250 BC

    Vignettes showing agricultural scenes

    These vignettes (small scenes that illustrate the text) accompany Spell 110 of Ani's Book of the Dead. Spell 110 is essentially a series of addresses to deities who dwell in the 'next world', specifically the Field of Offering and Field of Rushes. The deceased was expected to undertake agricultural work in the Field of Rushes.

    The vignette schematically renders areas of land surrounded by water. Ani is shown offering to three deities of the ennead (group of nine gods) at the top, and then paddling his boat across the Lake of Offerings. Ani is also shown worshipping the 'Western Falcon' and the 'Heron of Plenty'. He is shown reaping, winnowing and ploughing below. The boat of Wennefer (a name for the god Osiris), shown with a head of a snake, is moored on the edge of the water at the bottom.

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