Nebamun viewing his herds, a scene from the tomb-chapel of Nebamun

Thebes, Egypt
Late 18th Dynasty, around 1350 BC

This is a fragment of a scene showing Nebamun inspecting flocks of geese and herds of cattle. Nebamun is shown as a well-dressed man of wealth and authority, supervising lively crowds. He is drawn at a larger scale than other people and sits in a formal pose. Even his skin is painted differently.

Around Nebamun are the remains of some hieroglyphs which includes his principal title, 'scribe who counts the grain in the granary of the divine offering', but not his name. The end of the text, behind him, mentions the name of his wife, Hatshepsut.

The purpose of such scenes is thought to emphasize the personality of the dead man, and thus to commemorate it through eternity into the Afterlife.

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Height: 73.000 cm
Width: 54.000 cm

Museum number

EA 37979


Salt Collection


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