Mummy of an ibis

From Abydos, Egypt
Roman Period, after 30 BC

Sacred bird of the god Thoth

This is an exceptionally fine ibis mummy, in an excellent state of preservation, with intricately arranged wrapping. The ibis was the sacred bird of the god Thoth, the scribe of the gods, and the moon deity, the patron of scribes, writing, mathematics and language.

Many ibis mummies have been discovered, particularly at Saqqara. All were wrapped in linen bandages, and many of them then sealed in conical pottery jars.

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Mummy of an ibis

Mummy of an ibis


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C.A.R. Andrews, Egyptian mummies (London, The British Museum Press, 1984)


Length: 43.200 cm

Museum number

EA 53938


Gift of the Egypt Exploration Fund


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