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Granite statue of an official


Height: 63.000 cm
Width: 14.000 cm
Depth: 20.000 cm

EA 1237

Ancient Egypt and Sudan

    Granite statue of an official

    From Benha, Egypt
    12th Dynasty, possibly around 1850 BC

    This wonderful statue is of an unknown official, probably someone of great importance, since they could afford to pay for work of such high quality. It is assumed that he was a senior official in nearby Arthribis, the capital of the 10th nome (district) of Lower Egypt. The site was marked by huge mounds of ruins until the early twentieth century, but these have been almost completely levelled and overbuilt by the modern city of Benha. This statue is the only object of this date that has been found in the area of Athribis, which has produced remains dating from the New Kingdom to the Roman period.

    The way that the face is depicted dates it to the Twelfth Dynasty (about 1985-1795 BC), but the wrapping of a figure in a cloak is very unusual at this date.

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