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Fragment of painted plaster from the tomb of Sebekhotep


Length: 60.000 cm
Width: 56.000 cm

EA 37987

Ancient Egypt and Sudan

    Fragment of painted plaster from the tomb of Sebekhotep

    From Thebes, Egypt
    18th Dynasty, around 1400 BC

    An Asiatic with horses

    Sebekhotep was a senior treasury official of the reign of Thutmose IV (about 1400-1390 BC). One of his responsibilities was to deal with foreign gifts brought to the king. This fragment was a small part of a scene that showed Sebekhotep receiving the produce of the Near East and Africa on behalf of Thutmose IV.

    The wheels of a chariot are visible at the bottom left-hand corner of this fragment. They are followed by two horses, a man carrying a tray of (silver?) items, and a man or woman in a long elaborate robe holding a child.

    The scene would have been placed in Sebekhotep's tomb to illustrate his importance as an official, and to represent his relationship with the king; Sebekhotep enjoyed the privileges of office in death as in life.

    E. Dziobek, Das Grab des Sobekhotep. Thebe (Mainz, Zabern, 1990)


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