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Four-sided granite sculpture showing Thutmose III and deities


Height: 178.000 cm

EA 12

Room 4: Egyptian sculpture

    Four-sided granite sculpture showing Thutmose III and deities

    From Thebes, Egypt
    18th Dynasty, about 1450 BC

    Montu-Re and Hathor guide Thutmose III

    King Thutmose III (1479-1425 BC) and the god Montu-Re are shown on each of the longer sides, while on both narrower faces is a figure of the goddess Hathor. The figures are arranged so that Hathor holds one hand of each figure of the king in her hands, while the other royal hand is clasped by Montu-Re. Montu wears a composite crown of the sun disc and the two-plumed head-dress normally associated with Amun, thus making a link between the older (Montu) and the younger (Amun) deities of Thebes.

    The attention of vandals to this statue was confined primarily to the heads of the king, as the other four figures are substantially intact.

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    T.G.H. James, Ancient Egypt: the land and it (London, 1988)


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