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Bronze statue of Amunre-Kamutef



Height: 22.200 cm (including base)

Salt Collection (1835)

EA 60042

Enlightenment: Religion

    Bronze statue of Amunre-Kamutef

    From Thebes, Egypt
    26th Dynasty (664-525 BC)

    This bronze figure of the Egyptian god Amunre-Kamutef (Amunre Bull of his mother) has inlaid gold detail, showing elaborate scenes including some with the goddess Meret on the base and pedestal. Amun was one of the most important of Egyptian gods and was particularly worshipped at Thebes (modern Karnak), where this statue was found. The inlaid hieroglyphic text on the plinth includes the cartouche of the Divine Adoratrice Ankhnesneferibre, and the name and titles of the statue's donor, the Chamberlain of the Divine Adoratrice Tjahorpakhepesh, son of the Divine Adoratrice Iby. The plumes of the god's headdress are missing.

    The figure was purchased at the auction of Henry Salt's third collection held at Sotheby's in 1835, when it is described in the sale catalogue as a 'STATUE OF JUPITER, solid bronze, in a walking position, head surmounted with the globe and feathers, highly preserved, fine work - 12 inches high', in a section entitled 'Bronze statues found at Thebes'. The god Amun was identified with the Roman Jupiter by classical authors and early Egyptologists.

    J. Malek and others, Topographical bibliography o-1 ((Oxford, 1999)


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