The Wetwang Chariot Burial

In March 2001 an Iron Age grave was discovered in the village of Wetwang in East Yorkshire, England.

It was found during the construction of a small housing development by Hogg the Builders of York. The grave was then excavated by a team of archaeologists from The Guildhouse Consultancy and the British Museum, and funded by English Heritage.

The excavation showed that the grave was that of a woman who had died over 2,300 years ago and was buried with a chariot. Since the completion of the excavation, Hogg the Builders generously donated the finds to the British Museum, where they are being carefully conserved and studied. This is leading to new, and sometimes controversial, evidence of life in the Iron Age.

The BBC filmed throughout the excavation and subsequently, and funded a reconstruction of the chariot for Meet the Ancestors.

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