Shabako, Kushite king of Egypt (716-702 BC)

Shabako (716-702 BC), second ruler of the Egyptian Twenty-fifth Dynasty, rose to power over the kingdom of Napata after the death of his brother Piye, who had already conquered Egypt but apparently failed to consolidate his military success. Shabako re-established control over Lower Egypt by defeating his major rival, the Twenty-fourth Dynasty king Bakenranef, and replacing him with a Nubian governor.

Throughout his reign Shabako made many additions to Egyptian temples, such as those at Memphis, Abydos and Esna, while at Karnak he erected a 'treasury'. The archaism that characterised the art and architecture of the Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth Dynasties was already apparent in the reign of Shabako, particularly in the case of the Shabako stone. Shabako appointed his son, Horemakhet as High Priest of Amun at Thebes, although the real power in the region lay with his sister Amenirdis I, whose mortuary temple and tomb are at Medinet Habu. When Shabako died, he was buried in a pyramidal tomb at the Napatan royal necropolis of el-Kurru, and was succeeded by Piye's son Shabitku.

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