Meydum (Egypt)

Meydum is the southernmost of the great cemeteries associated with Egyptian kings of the Old Kingdom (about 2613-2160 BC). Of all these cemeteries, Meydum was probably used for the shortest time. The most distinctive monument at the site is a pyramid, the outer casing of which has collapsed, but which might originally have been the first 'true', as opposed to stepped, pyramid. The identity of the king who began the pyramid is not certain. One candidate for ownership is Huni, the last king of the Third Dynasty (about 2686-2613 BC) and it seems to have been completed by Sneferu, the first king of the Fourth Dynasty (about 2613-2494 BC).

A short distance from this pyramid are a small number of mastabas of a similar date, first scientifically investigated by Flinders Petrie. There are fragments from two mastabas at The British Museum.

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