Any, an ancient Egyptian

The Book of the Dead of Any was not commissioned especially for him; his name and titles are inserted into the prepared text at the appropriate points. This form of the Book of the Dead was less personalized than the specially commissioned version, and was less expensive.

Any is depicted in the vignettes (illustrations) with his wife, Tutu. His titles include 'Royal Scribe', 'Accounting Scribe for Divine Offerings of All the Gods' and 'Overseer of the Granaries of the Lords of Tawer'. These show that he was a member of the administration associated with Osiris and other gods in the Abydos region.

The location of the tomb of Any at Thebes is not known and his Book of the Dead is the only object that can be securely attributed to him. Other elements of funerary equipment were attributed to his burial by Sir Ernest Wallis Budge (1857-1934), who acquired the papyrus for The British Museum. He also ascribes the famous cosmetic box to Any's wife, Tutu, who was supposedly buried in the same tomb. Though the box is of comparable date and status, there is no inscription on the box to confirm this association.

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