Nakht, an Egyptian royal scribe

Nakht was a royal scribe and overseer of the army ('general') in the late Eighteenth to Nineteenth Dynasties (about 1350-1300 BC). His Book of the Dead is unusual in that it is written in part on leather, and in part on papyrus. The fact that he lived immediately after the Amarna period is reflected in the style of his Book of the Dead, in which the figures appear squat. This style is probably a result of the Egyptian artistic canon reacting against the changes of the Amarna period, but not quite getting it right at first. The slightly strange proportions used in the papyrus can also be seen in the decoration of the tombs of kings Horemheb and Ramesses I in the Valley of the Kings. These kings ruled at the turn of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Dynasties. Both were of a military background, like Nakht himself. The provenance of the Book of the Dead of Nakht is unknown, but on the basis of its style it is almost certainly from Thebes.

Nakht is known only from his Book of the Dead, in which he is represented with his wife Tjuiu. The location of his tomb is not known, and no other elements of his funerary equipment appear to have survived.

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