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Education programme

The Citi Money Gallery education programme draws on the richness of objects on display to offer a unique learning experience.

Students will have the opportunity to put their learning into context and apply their classroom-developed skills in unfamiliar scenarios. The programme links objects and themes with subjects across the Key Stages, with the underlying aim of developing an appreciation of money and an understanding of the social impacts it can have.

The education programme also includes learning opportunities for teachers and community groups, details of which can be found below or by emailing


500,000,000,000 dinar note, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia AD 1993

Resources inspired by the gallery take the form of stand-alone activities or image banks.

Longer projects, which could be used for transition or enrichment weeks, and short activities suitable for tutor time.

Critical Consumer 
Financial loop game 
How do you construct a 50p 
Note-ably different 
Warhol challenge 
History of money: image bank 
Money week: image bank 
Money and art: image bank 
Money and citizenship: image bank 
Money and economics: image bank 
Money and mathematics: image bank 
Which coin is which 

Teacher opportunities

Teacher opportunities

The education programme has been developed with the help of teachers and students.

There are ongoing opportunities to be involved with the education programme as well as using the programme to support your teaching needs.

  • Teacher advisory panel
  • CPD sessions
  • INSET sessions
  • Research opportunities
  • Networking events



Current competition

Secondary school groups are invited to take part in a public speaking competition on the statement ‘money makes the world go round’ as part of the Citi Money Gallery’s secondary education programme.

Students will need to consider the role of money in the world and the impact it has on society and everyday life. Groups should create a 10-minute structured talk, presenting a reasoned argument from a viewpoint, economic or political for example, or through a theme, such as youth unemployment. The presentation will be followed by two minutes of questions from the judging panel, which will include the curator of the Citi Money Gallery.

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Community projects

Christopher Ironside, four sets of designs for United Kingdom decimal coins

Onsite and offsite opportunities are available to support community initiatives developing financial awareness.

The Citi Money Gallery Education Manager teamed up with students from The Children’s Hospital School at Great Ormond Street Hospital to explore concepts raised in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

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ITT provision

Coins from the Hoxne hoard

Sessions are available to complement initial teacher training programmes; bespoke sessions may be available on request.

  • Enrichment days
  • Museum education
  • History of mathematics
  • University based options