Young explorers: a brief history of money

How did people tell the time without clocks? What’s the oldest type of writing? Who would wear a suit made of seal mammal gut? Find the answers to all these questions and more. You’ll meet some of the Museum's curators and learn how to make a coin, how to write ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and how to tell the time with a sundial. Watch our guides to Time telling, Money, Clothing and Writing to start exploring!

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Young explorers: a brief history of money

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Brief history of...


A brief history of clothing

From protection against the elements and harm to telling the rest of the world who we are.
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A brief history of money

Did you know that all sorts of things have been as money throughout history.
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A brief history of time telling

Everywhere you look there's something telling you the time.
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A brief history of writing

We use it so much that it's easy to think that writing has always been around.
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Book of the Dead schools film

A short film introducing students to the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead.
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Looking at Athena's procession

Students aged 10 and 11 describe Athena's procession in the Parthenon temple.
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Introducing the Parthenon temple

Students aged 10 and 11 introduce the Parthenon temple.
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Describing African Masks

African masks and headdresses are just one part of a masquerader’s performance, which includes costume, music, story and dance.
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Looking at the Assyrian palace reliefs

Students describe the lions (and the dogs used for hunting them) as part of their recent work about animals.
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