Introducing the exhibition

Unravel the stories of this warrior’s turban and discover how and why turbans symbolise Sikh faith and identity.

Sikhism is one of the youngest world religions, founded in India over 500 years ago. Many Sikhs, including some women, wrap cloth around their uncut hair, making a turban, and this is an important symbol of their faith.

Here, curator Paramdip Khera describes the significance of the Sikh fortress turban.

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Sikh fortress turban

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Introduction to the exhibition

Introducing the key themes and ideas of the exhibition Sikh fortress turban.

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Tying a traditional Sikh turban

A demonstration of how to tie a traditional
Sikh turban.
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More about the turban

Members of London’s Sikh community share their thoughts on the role and significance of the turban past and present.

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