Introducing the exhibition

Follow the ancient Egyptians’ journey from death to the afterlife in this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition focusing on the Book of the Dead.

The ‘Book’ was not a single text but a compilation of spells designed to guide the deceased through the dangers of the underworld, ultimately ensuring
eternal life.


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Exhibition introduction

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Introduction to the exhibition

Journey through the afterlife: ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead.
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Book of the Dead schools film

A short film introducing students to the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead.
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Voxpops interviews

Visitors to the exhibition share their impressions of the exhibition.
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Conservation: coffin mask

Conservators clean an ancient Egyptian coffin mask.
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Conservation: coffin panel

Conservators work on a panel of an ancient Egyptian coffin.
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Conservation: papyrus

Delicate work is carried out on pieces of ancient Egyptian papyrus ready.
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Conservation: scribal pallet

Conservators carry out work on an ancient Egyptian scribal pallet.
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Conservation: baboon deity

Conservators prepare an ancient Egyptian baboon deity for display.
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Conservation: coffin

Conservators prepare an ancient Egyptian coffin for display.
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