Film credits

Full credits for the film AFGHANISTAN: Hidden Treasures © 2008 NGHT, Inc.

Clips from this film have been used in the British Museum videos about the exhibition.


Executive Producer
Kathryn Keane

Maggie Burnette Stogner
Blue Bear Films

Anne Goetz

Reuben Aaronson
Larry Engel

Sound Recordist
Aaron Webster

Archive Consultant
Cheryl Zook

Original Music
Williams . Biondo 

Pixeldust Studios

Post Production
Interface Media Group


Stock Footage and Images
AP Archive
The Art Archive/Musée Archeologique Naples
Alfredo Dagli Orti
BBC Motion Gallery
Boucicant Master and Workshop
The Bridgeman Art Library/Getty Images
Delegation Archeologique Francaise en Afghanistan/DAFA
DAFA/Peter Jurie
Eclectic Productions
Feature Story News/Archive Films/Getty Images
Free Spirit Films
ITN Source
Kenneth Garrett
Musée Guimet/DAFA  
Musée Guimet/Thierry Ollivier
Musée Guimet/Pierre Hamelin
National Geographic Television
National Geographic Image Collection
Viktor Sarianidi


All Afghanistan exhibition video and audio


Introduction to the exhibition

Aghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World.

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Hidden treasures

The extraordinary story of how Afghanistan's treasures were hidden from danger.

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The Greek legacy

The lasting influence of Alexander the Great in Afghanistan.

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Returning ivories

The remarkable story of conservation and repatriation of the Begram Ivories.

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Installing the crown

A gold crown found in the tomb of a nomadic woman is put on display.

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Opening ceremony

Afghanistan's president, Hamid Karzai, is joined by Foreign Secretary William Hague.

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Glass blowing

Watch the creation of a fish-shaped vessel – the first time anyone has tried to make it.
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Music of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is home to a variety of regional music characteristic of the ethnic groups inhabiting the different parts of the country. Professor John Baily and Veronica Doubleday lived in Herat during the 1970s in order to research and record the music of the city and surrounding rural areas.