Music of Afghanistan:
Filmi song Chal Chal Chal mere Sathi

The films of India and Pakistan were an important source of songs. These were shown in the cinemas of Kabul and other cities. Over the years many filmi songs were adopted by Afghan singers and entered the popular music repertory. This was sung by Mahmud Khushnawaz at a wedding party in 1977. The text is in Urdu (a language partly comprehensible to Heratis). The song is addressed to an elephant.

Mahmud Khushnawaz (vocal and harmonium), Amir Jan Khushnaswaz (rubab), Ghulam Nebi (dutar) and Naim Khushnawaz (tabla).

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Music of Afghanistan: Filmi song Chal Chal Chal mere Sathi

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Music of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is home to a variety of regional music characteristic of the ethnic groups inhabiting the different parts of the country. Professor John Baily and Veronica Doubleday lived in Herat during the 1970s in order to research and record the music of the city and surrounding rural areas.