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Conference and Seminars

Over the last five years the British Museum has held an annual conference focused on partnerships in the museum sector.

The British Museum regularly hosts lectures, seminars and conferences, but National Programmes is sector facing, with a focus of working across the UK.

The annual conference is designed to be a networking opportunity and a chance to inspire new partnership activity. We want to make sure that the conference is relevant and useful to the museum representatives that attend.

We are open to ideas and suggestions for the annual conference, for more information contact Katy Swift

Lecture theatre

2015 National Programme Partnership Conference – the Curator of the Future

The British Museum works in collaboration with an extensive range of UK organisations to develop exhibitions, loans and skills sharing programmes to enable collections to be shared with the broadest possible audience and to create sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships. Through these partnerships, and delivery of the HLF Skills for the Future programme: Future Curators, we have been developing and responding to a changing sector landscape. These changes are also felt by other UK Museums, and perhaps nowhere more greatly than in the role of the curator.

In response to this the National Programmes team, with the generous support of the Vivmar Foundation, are hosting a free one day conference on Monday 13 April 2015 at the British Museum to explore the ‘Curator of the Future’.

Curator of the Future Conference: booking now open 

Call for Papers

We invite submissions for proposals for presentations, workshops and other creative responses which explore and respond to the ‘Curator of the Future’.

We encourage submissions that are thought-provoking, innovative, demonstrate best practice, and are topical and forward-looking.

The conference will focus on three key themes:

  1. The Curatorial Survival Kit. What should be in the ‘curatorial survival kit’ to survive and thrive in the changing professional landscape?
  2. A Brave New World. What are the impacts and opportunities for curatorial practice?
  3. The Next Generation. How can we help support the current and future curatorial work force?

Further information is provided in the brief, please read before submitting a proposal.

Submissions to be sent to