Extraordinary Stories
from the
British Museum

Western Australian Museum,
Perth, Australia  

24 October 2011 – 5 February 2012


Jeremy Hill

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The Western Australia Museum and the British Museum have partnered to bring a unique collection of rare artefacts to Australia for the first time, to celebrate the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in October 2011.

Extraordinary Stories from the British Museum presents objects from across the Commonwealth. Some offer different perspectives on well known events, others provide windows onto peoples and cultures that demand to be better known. Together they span 2 million years of human history and explore common themes that cross time and place, showing how objects serve fundamental human needs and have been made to express basic human hopes and fears.

The stories told here include those of royal gifts and religious rites; of pirates and explorers; war and board games. Some of the most important stories are not those told by gold and silver, but through wood and stone. But all have their own tales to tell.