Natural History Museum, London and the National Natural History Museum, New Delhi

Developing a partnership between these two organisations


  • Natural History Museum, London (NHM)
  • National Natural History Museum, New Delhi (NMNH)


  • Identify areas of future collaboration between the two institutions

Key event: Meetings between NHM and NMNH staff

Programme of meetings, 48 March 2009

  • Meeting with the British Council, Research Council UK and Defra/DflD representatives from the British High Commission
  • Meeting with the Secretary and other senior officials of the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF)

During the NHM’s visit the MoEF purchased land for a new purpose-built National History Museum in New Delhi.

Working together in the future
These meetings identitfied areas of future collaboration, including the short-term objectives of:

  • Inviting the NMNH Director, Dr Venugopal, to visit the NHM
  • Providing commercial assistance for the master planning of the new museum 
  • Assisting in collection development, management and conservation by providing training