Conservation training

A three week training programme based at the British Museum and delivered in partnership with colleagues at the British Library, V&A, Tate and the Natural History Museum.


  • British Museum, London, UK
  • National Museum of Art, Maputo, Mozambique
  • National Gallery of Art, Lagos, Nigeria
  • WCP Partners


  • To support three conservators from Mozambique and Nigeria to extend their existing conservation skills in 2D art (works on paper and contemporary paintings). To present new techniques for treating and preserving their respective collections.  
  • The project will build capacity for conservators in Africa by developing specialist skills in conservation. Participants will be able to share these skills with colleagues in other institutions in their home countries.

Project Details

The British Museum has been working with colleagues in Mozambique at the National Museum of Art, Maputo since 2005 to build capacity and extend skills in key areas such as collections care, display and outreach activities. In 2008 the British Museum began a major partnership programme (funded by the Ford Foundation) in Nigeria with the National Gallery of Art as one of its satellite partners. Both organisations share environmental and resource challenges and identified similar needs and priorities for further training. 

Two colleagues from the National Museum of Art in Maputo and one from the National Gallery of Art, Lagos were identified to receive the training. All participants had demonstrated the ability to implement change in their home institutions and were proactive in taking responsibility for the care and conservation of their collections.

The conservators visited the UK for 3 weeks in February 2010, and spent time learning specific treatment and mounting techniques at the British Museum. They also visited the conservation teams at Tate, the British Library, V&A and the Natural History Museum in order to broaden the training opportunity.