Leadership Training Programme

India, 2012

In partnership with

  • Ministry of Culture, Government of India
  • National Culture Fund

About the programme

The Leadership Training Programme is split into three modules: the first took place in Delhi during January 2012, the second will be held at the British Museum in March and the final module will be in Mumbai in May.

Module one, Delhi

Over the course of two weeks participants were invited to consider the skills required of museum leaders in order to enable change in their museums and the wider sector. Sessions during the first week covered museum leadership and advocacy, strategy and decision making. The week concluded with an opportunity for participants to use decision making models and techniques to review the visitor experience at the National Museum and the Sanskriti Museum.

Training during the second week included stakeholder management, communication techniques and tailoring project management techniques to museum-based projects. At the end of the week an introduction to delivering presentations included participants presenting on their vision for Indian museums of the future.

Module Two, London

In March, participants are undertaking two weeks training at the British Museum. Building on skills learned during the first module, participants are concentrating on the more practical aspects of museum management.

The aim of module two is to explore new techniques and creative strategies. The focus will be on collection management and display and interpretation, with the intention of encouraging participants to consider ways to attract and engage more diverse audiences. The module will also provide opportunities for discussion with museum colleagues, attendance of public events and visits to a variety of museums and cultural institutions to broaden participants’ exposure to the museum sector in the United Kingdom.

Module Three, Mumbai

The final module will encourage participants to practice the skills they have developed during the previous two modules through a series of practical exercises.


The core objective of the course is to promote and help to enable change in Indian museums. Evaluation is extremely important and feedback from participants is collected after each day of the programme. Feedback from each module helps inform and shape the next one.

A month after the completion of each module, participants are asked to complete a questionnaire focusing on their progress implementing the skills developed. At the end of the programme, the British Museum and the National Culture Fund will keep in contact with participants to provide further support and monitor progress in implementing action points.