Gillian Varndell

Curator, Neolithic Collections
Neolithic of Britain and Europe

Department: Britain, Europe and Prehistory 


+44 (0)20 7323 8388

Gillian Varndell is responsible for the British and European Neolithic collections, and jointly with the Bronze Age curator for Bronze Age precious metal items submitted under the Treasure Act. Her areas of interest include flint procurement and deployment during the Later Neolithic, and the uses of material culture during the Neolithic in general.

She has previously worked for Tyne and Wear Museums.

Previous projects

Preparation of new prehistoric displays in Room 51

Collaboration in final publication of the prehistoric site at Ringlemere, Kent

External fellowships/ honorary positions/ membership of professional bodies

Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries

Member of UISPP Commission on flint mining in pre- and protohistoric times

Member of the Implement Petrology Group

Recent publications

G Varndell (with I Longworth, and J Lech), Excavations at Grimes Graves, Norfolk 1972-1976: Exploration and Excavation beyond the Deep Mines (London, 2012)

G. Varndell, ‘The Grooved Ware’; with S. Needham ‘Catalogue of Early Bronze Age precious cups in North-West Europe’, in S. Needham, K. Parfitt, and G. Varndell (eds.), The Ringlemere Cup: precious cups and the beginning of the channel Bronze Age, (British Museum Research Publication 163, London, British Museum Press, 2006)

G. Varndell, ‘Seeing Things: A L Armstrong’s flint crust engravings from Grimes Graves’, in P. Topping and M. Lynott (eds.) The Cultural Landscape of Prehistoric Mines (Oxford, Oxbow, 2005)

G. Varndell, ‘The Great Baddow Hoard and Discoidal Knives: more questions than answers’, in A. Gibson, and A. Sheridan (eds.) From Sickles to circles: Britain and Ireland at the time of Stonehenge (Stroud, Tempus, 2004)

G. Varndell, ‘An engraved chalk plaque from Hanging Cliff, Kilham’, Oxford Journal of Archaeology 18 iv, (1999), pp. 351-5

I. Longworth and G. Varndell, Excavations at Grimes Graves, Norfolk, 1972-1976. Fascicule 5. Mining in the deeper mines. (London, British Museum Press, 1996)