Belinda Crerar

Project Curator, Late Antiquity, Empires of Faith

Department: Britain, Europe and Prehistory 


+44 (0)20 7323 8233


Belinda Crerar is the curator for the Leverhulme funded project ‘Empires of Faith’, a joint venture between the British Museum and the University of Oxford which explores the development and significance of religious iconography in the period AD 200-800 and the influence of art on religious interactions of the time.

Her academic background is in Roman Imperial art, history and archaeology and she has excavated on sites in Britain and Italy including the Roman town of Calleva Atrebatum (Silchester) and Rome’s Imperial harbour at Portus. Her specialist interests include concepts of social deviancy in late Romano-British funerary practice and the influence of polytheism on early Christian worship.

In addition to her role as curator, she is in the final stages of completing a PhD at the University of Cambridge entitled ‘Contextualising Deviancy: a Regional Approach to Decapitated Inhumation in Late Roman Britain'.

Recent publications

B. Crerar, ‘Deviancy' in The Oxford Handbook on Roman Britain M. Millett, A. Moore and L. Revell (eds) (Oxford: OUP, forthcoming)

B. Crerar, 'Contextualising Romano-British Lead Tanks: A Study in Design, Destruction and Deposition' Britannia 43 (2012, in press)

P. Booth, B. Crerar and E. Cameron, 'A Roman lead ‘tank’ from Wigginton, Oxon' Oxoniensia 77 (2012)

S. Neil and B. Crerar (eds), Violence and Conflict in the Material Record Archaeological Review from Cambridge 25.1(2010)

B. Crerar, ‘Votive Leaves from Roman Britain’ in M. Henig (ed.), Roman Art, Religion and Society: New Studies from the Roman Art Seminar, Oxford 2005 BAR Int. Ser. 1577 (Oxford: Archaeopress, 2006)