Alexandra Villing

Greek pottery and terracotta figurines

Department: Greece and Rome


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Alexandra Villing is concerned mainly with ancient Greece and its culture. Her chief responsibility is looking after the collection of Greek pottery and terracotta figurines, and leading a research project on the ancient site of Naukratis, a Greek trading post in Egypt. She is also involved with other aspects of Greek material culture, and the art and history of the Archaic and Classical periods in general.

Her special interests are Greek pottery and its uses and decoration; the relations between Greece and Egypt and the Near East; religion and mythology; iconography; and daily life. She was the academic advisor for the British Museum’s Ancient Greece website, is currently involved in creating a cross-cultural and cross-period exhibition on Fantastic Creatures, and is a part of the excavation team working at the East Greek site of Miletos on the west coast of Turkey.

Alexandra joined the British Museum in 2001 after having studied at Oxford and worked in Germany and Greece.

Current projects

Naukratis: Greeks in Egypt

Pottery bowls from Miletos

Previous projects

Ancient Civilisations: Ancient Greece website

Recent publications

Alexandra Villing, Marianne Bergeron, Giorgos Bourogiannis, François Leclère and Ross Thomas, with Alan Johnston, Valerie Smallwood and Susan Woodford, Naukratis: Greeks in Egypt (British Museum Online Research Catalogue, 2013). Naukratis: Greeks in Egypt  

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