Marilyn Hockey

Head of Ceramics, Glass and Metals Conservation

Department: Conservation and Scientific Research


+44 (0)20 7323 8870


Marilyn Hockey leads the team of specialists responsible for conservation of the ceramics, glass and metals in the Museum collection and manages the work of the section for the programme of exhibitions, loans and research.

Trained in sculpture, silversmithing and archaeological conservation, she joined the Museum in 1976 and has specialised in the conservation and restoration of metals. Alongside the treatment and investigation of the collection, she has worked on project teams for many of the Museum’s temporary exhibitions and gallery installations and now co-ordinates a team of conservators and scientists providing practical and preventive conservation expertise for display.

Marilyn’s interests include the investigation and restoration of gold and silver, jewellery and classical bronzes and armour. Her work for the Museum in the UK and abroad has included the British coronation regalia, Bronze Age gold in Dublin, medieval metalwork in Spain, and gold from the World Heritage site of Mapungubwe, in South Africa. She has worked recently on finds being investigation under the Treasure Act.

Current projects

The East Leicestershire Hoard, Roman helmet

The Ashwell hoard of Roman temple treasure

Etruscan mirrors

Previous projects

Treasure: Finding our Past, exhibition and loan conservation liaison

Examination and conservation of the Warren Cup

The unrolling of an inscribed silver scroll from Samaria

Conservation and investigation of objects from the Snettisham Iron Age hoards

Conservation of Gold artefacts from Mapungubwe

External fellowships/ honorary positions/ membership of professional bodies

Fellow of the International Institute for Conservation (

Accredited Member of the Institute of Conservation (

Recent publications

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