Ken Uprichard


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Ken Uprichard joined the British Museum in 1976 as a Mason’s Assistant and after a period as a Museum Assistant, he joined Conservation in 1982. He trained in conservation at the Institute of Archaeology, London, and specialised in the conservation of cuneiform tablets. In 1990, Ken was appointed Head of the Stone, Wall paintings and Mosaics conservation section and became Head of Conservation Group in 2005.

The Conservation Group is divided into four materials specific Sections: Ceramics, Glass and Metals; Stone Wall paintings and Mosaics; Pictorial Arts; Organic Materials and employs approximately fifty staff. The Facsimile Service is also part of the activities of the Group.

Current projects

Representing conservation in business continuity planning for emergencies and disasters.

Previous projects

The introduction of laser cleaning to the Museum.

Participation in the visit by four British Museum staff to Iraq in 2003 to provide post-conflict assistance to the Iraqi museum sector.

Recent publications

K. Uprichard, D. Thickett and N. Lee, 'The Rebacking of Mosaics in the British Museum', in The Conservator, No. 24, (2000)

T. Sweek, A. Middleton, C. Johns and K. Uprichard, 'The Materials, Conservation and Remounting of the Hemsworth Venus Mosaic', in The Conservator, No 24, (2000)

E. Miller, N. J. Lee, K. Uprichard and V. Daniels, 'The Examination and Conservation of the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum', in Contributions to the Melbourne Congress, October 2000 Tradition and Innovation: Advances in Conservation, IIC